Lure Color Contest: Pink VS. White Soft Plastic Lures

In a lure color contest, who wins: Pink VS. White???

This test features the reliable Slam Shady lure color VS. one of our newer lure colors the F.R.E.D.

Slam Shady is a white lure with a silver flash and the F.R.E.D. is a pink lure with a silver flash as well.

Both have been proven to crush inshore fish, but what will perform better in this experiment?

Find out below!!

Lure Color Contest: Pink VS. White [VIDEO]

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Setup for the Experiment:

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I haven’t fished much with the F.R.E.D. lure color lately but with so many of our members using and trusting the lure color, I figured why not conduct a little experiment.

Throughout this trip, I threw 3 casts with one lure and then switched to the other for 3 casts and repeated this until the end of the day.

The rods and reels for both setups are the same as well as the same pound test (just a different color) and leader line.

My plan was to start by working mangrove lines and shifting over to nearby oyster bars later in the day.

The ultimate goal: uncover which lure color gets the most strikes!

Spot #1

I started by pitching the lures underneath overhanging mangroves.

Especially during this time of the year, temperatures are HOT so the fish seek cover under mangroves for shade.

Using the Hoss Helix Hooks, you can rig these lures weedless and really get them deep into the mangroves without worrying about snags.

The first fish of the day was a small snook that came on the Slam Shady.

I was in an area with tons of life and bait all around me, the only issue was the conditions were flat and calm.

The fish there were incredibly spooky and quite skittish when I tried to cast at them.

I had to make a move and find an area with slightly more wind exposure.

Spot #2

Oyster bars are an excellent place to stop and fish if you can’t find fish elsewhere.

Another snook came up and ate the Slam Shady.

Weedless rigging hooks also give you the ability to fish tight to oysters without concern for snags.

I expected to run into a bunch of trout here but they weren’t interested in the F.R.E.D.

I then hooked into a fish on the second cast with the Slam Shady after nothing on the F.R.E.D.

A few casts later I finally got hit on the F.R.E.D. but no takers.

On the way to a different spot, I stopped to fish some mangroves that looked too good to pass up.

The first cast with the F.R.E.D. there and I hooked into a solid snook that came off before I could land it.

Spot #3

The third spot we went to offers the chance to target trout as well as redfish and snook closer to the mangrove lines.

A few casts in at this spot and a dolphin rolled through to tear up the spot and feed right where I wanted to fish.

Although they usually blow up the spot and spook fish away, it does mean there is life in the area.

In many cases, the fish will try to retreat into the mangrove lines and structure for protection.

I went back to cast there after the dolphin left and had a bite from a solid fish.

But the dolphin circled back which pushed us out and onto the final spot.

Spot #4

This is one of my favorite trout fishing spots!

It is deeper here which means I had to get my lures down lower in the water column to trigger strikes.

When I say deeper, I’m referring to about 3-4 feet of water with grass at the bottom.

When fishing paddletails, that is on the deeper side and weedless weighted rigging hooks won’t get all the way down.

But if you don’t want to re-rig or re-tie anything, a trick is to tear off the tails of the paddletail lures.

In effect, you are turning the paddletail into a small jerk bait.

Now the lure can get down deeper and move swiftly without the resistance of a tail.

We call this the “Nub Rig” which is essentially a soft plastic jerk bait.

You can work this lure similarly to other jerk baits and it will dart back and forth.

If trout are in the area, this approach usually drives them crazy.

I picked up a small jack on the F.R.E.D. making the score 3-2 at this point.

A few casts later with the Slam Shady, I hooked into a small bluefish that was pulling drag!

We don’t usually see these fish in the Gulf so it was a fun catch for sure.

The birds started to stack up around me at this point waiting for an easy meal so I ended the test after that bluefish.

Conclusion & Findings

Overall, both lure colors proved to work and catch fish.

The Slam Shady got off to a hot start but the F.R.E.D. came roaring back to make things interesting.

The final score: 4 for Slam Shady and 3 for the F.R.E.D.

Lure choice and color selection is not the final factor when it comes to finding inshore fishing success.

It is all about being in the right spot at the right time.

If you put yourself in an ideal spot with a lure that has proper depth control, you can get the lure exactly where it needs to be to catch fish.

If you don’t know where to start, that’s where we come in.

We give our members the resources and tools they need to consistently find and catch more fish in less time while saving money.

Smart Fishing Spots, Smart Fishing Tides, Mastery Courses, and Tackle Discounts are just the tip of the iceberg.

If you aren’t catching the quantity or quality of fish you want, then think about joining us in the Insider Club.

Did you enjoy this experiment?

What other types of on-the-water contests or experiments do you want to see?

Please leave a comment below – I would love to hear from you!!!

More tests are on the way!

Hope you enjoyed this lure color contest showing Pink VS. White lures!

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Mike Lugar
5 months ago

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but I’ve yet to land a fish on a slam shady I seem to do much better on plastic shrimp. Not sure if I’m just not retrieving it correctly or what but with the shrimp I bounce them more on my retrieval and have a tendency to the same with a slam shady?
I like the taking the paddle off for a more of a jerk bait type look but I don’t have much luck with that either. Not sure what I’m doing wrong I know having confidence in a technic is a part of my problem

Brett Coates
5 months ago

Love these longer videos! Especially when the brothers are fishing together and talkijg smack. 🙂

Larry Carr
5 months ago

What does F.R.E.D. Color stand for?

Brett Coates
5 months ago
Reply to  Larry Carr

I think “finding redfish every day”. Not sure though.

David Kenley
5 months ago

Very good article.

A Rollins
5 months ago

A pink vs. white nighttime fishing contest next, please.
Fishermen like to fish at night too.
How about sharing knowledge of fishing during the overnight hours?

Steven Free
5 months ago
Reply to  A Rollins

Yea I have been a life member since 2018 and asked to do a night report and they did somewhat they told me its very hard too get enough lighting to film I fish primarily at night when it’s hot a Michigan yankee at heart and the crazy mind cooking fl heat is to much for me after about 10am im usually off the water by then

A Rollins
5 months ago
Reply to  Steven Free

Why ignore the nighttime fishing hours altogether because it’s too challenging to film?

Andrew Rollins
5 months ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Thank you, that would be great.
Do fish have the same ambush points during the night?
How does the moonlight affect the bite?
What are the species of fish that feed at night?
What kinds of fish may feed better during the night?
How do the seasons affect the night bite?

Jim Farley
5 months ago

Good test ! I’m interested in seeing other color tests!

Theodore Miller
5 months ago

Great test

Frankie Altizer
5 months ago

I fish both of these colors her in Virginia. I fished two days last last the Slam Shady was hot the first day and FRED was hot the second day . I was using the 2.0 versions.

Frankie Altizer
5 months ago

I want to see the Gold digger Mulligan against the leprican mulligan .

Ronald Peedin
5 months ago



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