Rapala X-Rap Subwalk Review & Tutorial

When are the best times to use the Rapala Subwalk lure?

How do you swim this lure to catch more redfish and trout?

Check out everything you need to know about this lure in this Rapala Subwalk review and tutorial.

Learn more below!!

Rapala Subwalk Review & Tutorial

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The Rapala Subwalk is a great choice for fishing in the early morning and you are on a hot topwater bite.

However, when the sun rises, it could turn off the bite and make it harder to induce strikes.

Fish are hesitant to strike topwater lures as the sun gets higher.

The Rapala Subwalk allows you to mimic the topwater presentation but underneath the surface of the water.

Subwalks are weighted to sit right beneath the surface and suspend as you swim it back to you.

You can cover the same amount of water as a topwater plug but explore different water columns.

During the winter months, fish will move around as the day progresses.

Fish will stay in the shallows to warm up and if the weather is a bit colder they will sit in deeper pockets.

How To Work The Subwalk For Maximum Results

Cast the Subwalk out just as you would any lure.

You want to twitch your rod as you retrieve just like working a topwater plug.

As far as your retrieve is concerned, you just want to retrieve the slack in the line each time you twitch the lure.

You can also let the lure sit there for a few seconds because it will suspend just beneath the surface.

If you leave the lure there long enough, it will slowly start to descend.

You can speed up your retrieve to have the lure swim close to the surface or slow down your retrieve for the lure to swim deeper in the water column.

This is an excellent lure choice for winter and spring fishing when the fish are a bit more lethargic.

Later on in the day, fish will not strike topwater so the subsurface presentation allows for similar action but beneath the surface.

You are also able to cover different depths and parts of the water column that you wouldn’t be able to with a topwater lure.

Rapala Subwalk Review & Tutorial [VIDEO]

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The Rapala Subwalk is a great lure choice for switching things up and trying new presentations.

Topwater lures during this time of year are more successful during the early morning and late evening, whereas the Subwalk can imitate the topwater presentation during the day.

When the sun rises and the fish are hesitant to strike topwater lures, get out the Rapala Subwalk!!

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Richard Fiorentino
2 years ago

Was that a TFO rod?

Steven Free
2 years ago

Yea like alot of anglers I have a few of these but never used them much but after this review I’ll try them out more thanks whyatt 😉👍

Matthew Daecher
2 years ago

bait fish jump in background @ 2:54 !

Ben Hatcher
2 years ago

Hey Wyatt! I appreciate your tips and videos. Question: How does the action/depth of the Sub Walk differ from the Twitchin’ Mullet? Can you give an example of when you would use one vs the other?

Thanks! Merry Christmas!

David Johnson
2 years ago

What’s the difference between xrap mullet and subwalk please

Rob S
2 years ago

A good lure review, Wyatt. Are you using the 07 or 09 size? I checked the Tackle Store but it too doesn’t identify which one. The review done by Luke 3+ yrs. ago used the 07. Thanks!

07: 2 3/4″, 7/16 ounce, 1/0 VMC Coastal Black 1X Inline Hooks
09: 3-1/2″, 3/4 ounce, 3/0 VMC Coastal Black 1X Inline Hooks

Jonathan Getz
2 years ago
Reply to  Rob S

Appreciate your question Rob! Both the question and answer provide helpful information.


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