Redfish CRUSH These 2 Lures In Murky Water

Can’t seem to find the best redfish lures for murky water?

Sometimes, the water in the spring can be flushed out due to the tides with grass or dirt causing dust build-up and murky conditions in the water.

In these moments, you need lures that will trigger redfish strikes without spooking them off.

Learn all about the best 2 lures for murky water redfish right here!!

Redfish CRUSH These 2 Lures [VIDEO]

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Featured Equipment:

The Gold Digger

Our go-to soft plastic lure for any murky water fishing scenario is the 3.5-inch Gold Digger Paddletail.

The Gold Digger lure design is an all-black lure with gold flecks distributed throughout the lure.

The combination of the gold flash and dark profile cause this presentation to stand out in murky water.

Slam Shady BOMBER

The Slam Shady BOMBER is a 5-inch paddletail lure that is slightly larger than our smaller 2.0 series paddletails.

The reason you want a larger paddletail option for fishing in murky water is because of the major vibrations it gives off as it moves in the water.

More disturbance and vibration in the water send out signals to a fish that indicate where their next meal might be.


Redfish and predatory fish alike will no doubt hunt and strike lures in murky water.

You’ve just got to point them in the right direction straight for your lure presentation!

Next time you’re out fishing in dirty conditions, be sure to use an intrusive lure to get a fish’s attention and trigger strikes!!

Do you have any more questions or comments about the best redfish lures for murky water?

Let me know down in the comments section below!!

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Dan Timmons
1 year ago

Thanks for the close-ups of the hook and lure.

Brian Higgins
1 year ago

Good video, especially showing how you rigged the lures. Gold Digger is one of my best producers in Jacksonville’s murky waters. It says reds and trout. I would add the PowerPrawnUSA on a Shroom jig. I don’t often use the bomber, although I have one prerigged and ready to use. But will add it to the mix.

Guy Stephens
1 year ago

Great video Tony.
Thank you.
Looks like mosquito lagoon?

George Layton
1 year ago

SMART work Tony, congrats & thanks for sharing !!!

Jonathan Getz
1 year ago

Great catches and footage Tony!

I’ll keep on trying the Gold Digger even though I haven’t had any success thus far. Still need to try both Bombers. When it comes to dirty water plastics, the discussion seems incomplete without talking abut CHARTREUSE!

Here on the Texas Upper Coast, purple (w/chart tail) and electric chicken are trusted baits. This popped up in my email today as well.

Steven Free
1 year ago

Agreed I so like the gold digger but I also like and use the gulp in root beer gold with a chartruese tail they now make them in the 5 inch paddletail same size as the bomber and use lots of scent and if fishing both reds and or flounder it’s a spinnerbait with a gold or copper base usually a number 5 big with plenty of thump because here in northeast FL murky water is an all time thing in the warmer months thanks for the info and all you do😉👍

Rod Burke
1 year ago

I’d like to see a 5″ paddle tail like the Bomber but in the Golddiggerr color.

Bill Brown
1 year ago
Reply to  Rod Burke

They are available now on the shop page. Golddigger bomber!!

Bill Brown
1 year ago

Great video Tony. I love both of these lures and got a gold digger bomber that I want to try. Seems that will really do the trick in murky water!

Xavier Muniz
1 year ago

I guess I’ll be the first to ask… what about the Gold Digger bomber?!? I mainly fish in murky water, and the 2.0 has been my #1 lure, however I haven’t had the same success with the bomber. Could that me more so a time of year and “match the hatch” kind of circumstance? Also, I would think using bomber vs 2.0 would be the same whether choosing Slam Shady or Gold Digger colors, and the changing profile size wouldn’t make too much of a difference if I’ve already found the color that works.

Jan Radjeski
1 year ago

Hey Tony, Are you sure there aren’t divers down there hooking up the fish or mirrors and cameras in the act? Ha ha just kidding. As always, another great tutorial for us. Thanks Man.


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