Summer Fishing Lures Selection Strategy [Sarasota Bay Exploration Trip]

In this report, you’ll get to see some fun Sarasota Bay fishing action along with the best Summer Fishing Lures Selection Strategy!

Lure selection is critical, especially during this time of the year.

We only needed TWO lures on this trip to absolutely CRUSH IT!!

Take a look!

Summer Fishing Lures Selection Strategy [VIDEO]

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Equipment Used:

Slam Shady Bomber Setup

Power Prawn USA Junior Setup

A big key to success was in the lure selection to make sure that we were able to maximize our results on a short morning trip.

Right now, the early hours of the morning are when fish are most actively feeding.

Bigger profile paddletails like the Slam Shady BOMBER are a must-have for early morning trips like this.

Topwater lures are always a fun option for early morning action as well.

The redfish and snook were pushed up really close to the mangroves in the shallows on this trip making it the ideal scenario for a weedless presentation.

The Slam Shady BOMBER rigged on the Hoss Helix Hook is quickly becoming one of my favorite presentations for inshore saltwater fishing.

However, once the sun comes up, things change.

The fish will seek deeper water with stable temperatures or shaded areas underneath overhanging trees and mangroves.

This is the best time to lean towards using the Power Prawn USA artificial shrimp lure.

It can still be rigged weedless on the Hoss Helix Hooks and is retrieved much slower and with finesse.

Fish are less likely to chase down paddletails and baitfish during this time, so a slow and easy meal will trigger more strikes.


top lure color for redfish

Lure selection is critical!!!

Especially during this time of the year, you’ve got to use bigger lures.

Be sure to stay on top of current trends and pick up some BOMBER lures if you already haven’t!!

Do you have any more questions about the summer fishing lures selection strategy?

Please share any questions or thoughts you have in the comments!!

What is your go-to lure for this time of the year?

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