Salt Strong Certified Fishing Forecasts [Week of November 26th, 2018]

Here you will find fishing forecasts for the week of November 26th, 2018 from guides across the country.
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Fishing on Foot During a Cold Front [Insider Report]

This report will help you find some winter time spots to fish from shore on those tough windy days. Check out the full report!
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The #1 Top Selling Saltwater Fishing Boat In America…

Want to know what the #1 top selling saltwater fishing boat in America is right now? Then listen in to the awesome new interview with Capt. Mark Johnson.
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Spot Dissection: Winter Spots Vs. Summer Spots [Destin, FL]

In this Spot Dissection, I show you how to pinpoint areas to target in the winter vs. summer.
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Pro Tips For Catching BIG Kingfish In The Fall/Winter (Capt. Dylan Hubbard)

Want to know how the pros target big king mackerel in the fall and winter? Then check out this new Insider video from Capt. Dylan Hubbard.
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FG Knot Flaws: 3 Critical Times You Should NOT Use This Fishing Knot!

Have you tried the super-strong FG Knot yet? It's the strongest line to leader knot out there, but it has three big flaws (must know). Check them out here.
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Massive Doormat Flounder Captured On Underwater Camera (New John Skinner Video)

If you love flounder fishing, then you've got to see this brand new fluke video from John Skinner. He gets some of the best footage yet! Enjoy!
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Salt Strong Certified Fishing Forecasts [Week of November 19th, 2018]

Here is our 2nd round of fishing forecasts! Here you will find forecasts from our current Guides for this week (Week of 11/12/18) from various regions.
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Double Inshore Slam With an Approaching Cold Front [Insider Report]

In this report I was able to pull off a double inshore slam while fishing in some not-so-pleasant conditions. I had 2 game plans and luckily one paid off!
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This Is The Trick To Catching Keeper Grouper Near The Flats (Inshore)

Want to catch some slot grouper without having to leave the bay? Here's a trick to catch nice grouper right near your boat ramp. Enjoy
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How To Catch Big Redfish & Snook [Fishing Q&A VIDEO]

Looking for some tips showing how to catch big redfish and snook? Well this post and video will show you 2 core strategies that can skyrocket your results.
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You’ve Got To See How Many Redfish Are Under This Dock!!!

Want to see a redfish honey hole? Then you've got to see how many redfish we pluck out of this dock in less than 20 minutes! Enjoy!
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Salt Strong Certified Fishing Forecasts [Week of November 12th, 2018]

We are beginning to recruit Fishing Guides from all over the southeast to give weekly fishing forecasts. Here you will find our first run of forecasts!
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Black Drum on the Flats [Insider Report]

This report will give you some tips for targeting and finding black drum on the flats. They are a great fighting fish and fun to catch!
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Why Education Is The Key To The Future Of Fishing

Want to know how fishing education is changing? This post tells you how fishing education is critical to growing our community & protecting our fisheries.
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