How Should You Retrieve The Strike King KVD Wake Bait???

What’s the best way to retrieve the Strike King Wake Bait?

Should you work it like a topwater lure or simply reel it in with a straight retrieve?

Listen in below!!

How To Retrieve The Strike King Wake Bait [VIDEO]

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On every cast, toss out the Wake Bait and let your line lay flat on the surface of the water.

Then, give the lure a couple of quick twitches to straighten the line out.

1) Slow & Steady

The first retrieve is a simple slow and steady straight retrieve.

This leaves the intended wake dragging behind the lure right on the surface.

You don’t want to retrieve too fast or else the action won’t be natural.

2) Darting Retrieve

After casting out the lure, reel it in to straighten the line and also make sure you can feel the intended wobble of the lure.

Then, give the lure a pause followed by two quick pops of the rod.

This creates erratic, darting action right below the surface.

That mimics a fleeing baitfish which can often trigger a reaction strike.

3) Stop-&-Go

This retrieve is simply reeling in the lure for a few seconds and then completely stopping.

The objective is to dig the lure into the water a bit on your retrieve to then have the lure naturally glide back up to the surface.

Once the lure comes back up to the top is when you’ll get the most strikes.

You can even mix in some erratic twitches here and there but don’t overdo it.

4) Heavy Chop Retrieve

The fourth and final retrieve I like to use with the Wake Bait is during heavy chop and super windy conditions.

All you need to do here is burn the lure across the surface with erratic twitches and pauses.

This buries the lure in the water column which allows you to stay just beneath swells or chop.

Additional Wake Bait Tips

To lessen the chances of my line fouling up and looping around one of the hooks on this lure, I will sometimes beef up the leader line.

I go up to 30lb monofilament leader and sometimes even 40lb.

That stronger leader is a bit stiffer which does not foul up as much.


inshore fishing wake bait setup

The Strike King KVD Wake Bait is versatile and should be a part of your inshore saltwater tackle box.

Changing retrieves and mixing in different actions enhances this lure and triggers tons of strikes.

Be sure to head over to the shop and pick up some Wake Baits while they’re in stock!!

These go quick!!

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10 months ago

I used this lure floating in shallow flats just wind power the last two times I went out. Caught some quality trout cashing across sand holes and just slowly retrieving. It’s definitely rigged on one of my rigs from now.

Brian Wallace
1 year ago

Do you remove the split ring on the wake bait and crank baits or do you tie to them?

Josh Martin
1 year ago

Do you use a swivel to connect the leader or just tie directly to the line?

1 year ago

Matt Lanier what’s the best time of year to use the Strike King Wake Bait?

1 year ago
Reply to  Matt Lanier

Matt what’s your favorite lures for florida for the fall and winter seasons?

Darren Toler
1 year ago

Great info Matt! Can you talk about the best times/conditions to use these wake baits? I have been assuming the same guidelines as a topwater (early or cloudy), but I see you catching one there in full sun. Thanks!

Darren Toler
1 year ago
Reply to  Matt Lanier

Awesome, thanks Matt! I have two of them rigged up with new hooks ready to go! 🙂

Tim Groner
1 year ago

Matt Man! Deja vu! Same retrieves I learned for the original floating Rapala 50+ years ago.

Andrew Nichols
1 year ago

Great info. When you switch out the hooks to in line, does it matter if the rear hook faces forward or backward, like it does on the Moonwalker? Does either method affect the action at all?

Robert Elliott
1 year ago

Great video,how did you attach the lure to the main line?
Stay safe

Frank Hunnes
1 year ago

I enjoy your videos. Have you ever tried using the Whopper Plopper. I have used it successfully bass fishing. Bass just crush it!!

A Rollins
1 year ago
Reply to  Frank Hunnes

The Whopper Plopper is an excellent saltwater lure too. I’ve caught stripers in Maine to snooks in Florida.

Last edited 1 year ago by Andrew Rollins
Jesse Blanchard
1 year ago

I just want to say that I am praying for those who are in the path of hurricane Ian. Especially for Tampa Bay club members and club leaders. Please be safe!


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