Shrimp Lures VS. Paddletails [When Should You Use Each?]

Shrimp Lures VS Paddletails – when are the best times to use either style of lure?

These are the two types of lures that I ALWAYS have with me on every single saltwater fishing trip.

Find out when you should lean on one over the other in the video below!!

Shrimp Lures VS Paddletails [VIDEO]

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Mini-Courses Mentioned in the Video:

Fish eat BOTH of these lure styles.

The key is choosing the right one to match the hatch and to avoid spooking the fish.

Both lures have their own advantages as well as some disadvantages depending on the outside conditions and fish behavior patterns.

Water clarity and other factors will help lead you to the correct lure style to fish with.

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Larry Banach
1 month ago

Simple explanation. Thanks Luke!

Thomas Utley
1 month ago

Another very good video Luke, well presented and very informative as to when to use the two lures and you hit the nail on the head with both of them …. Job well done and thank you Luke ….. !

Theodore Miller
1 month ago

I also don’t get a chance to fish in salt water as much being from south Central Maine but the salt strong swim baits work great for large and small mouths caught a few up to 6 lbs in local ponds with mossy mullet and slam shady colors

1 month ago

Paddle tails are also very effective for nighttime fishing as well. Low light dark paddle tails with contrast are best.

Danny LeBlanc
1 month ago

Good learning information, now I have to see if the skill usage pays off. Guess I need to re-enforce my cognitive skills by reviewing the mini courses.

Ryan Wood
1 month ago

Maybe this is an odd scenario: I can’t get out all the time to the bay to fish. I like to practice my casting and rigs with my saltwater setups in my small bass lakes at home. Will they still catch fish?

Bruce Metts
1 month ago

Great information, I will definitely watch the mini course on shrimp lures now.

William Travers
1 month ago

Great! I was fishing in murky water last week with cut bait. Going to have to seriously give a paddle tail a try. Thanks for the great information…

Michael Guay
1 month ago

Thanks I’ll try again tomorrow wish me luck!

Michael Justice
2 months ago

Excellent info and details, again salt strong is above and beyond looking out for us.alot of research they do and tell us from their own practices thank again mike j


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