What You Need to Know on How Politics are Destroying our Fisheries

In this article, we explain the biggest political crisises our fisheries face, like the deadly red tide in the Gulf and toxic Lake Okeechobee discharges.
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The Truth About Leaving A Fishing Lure In A Fish’s Mouth (STUDY)

Want to know what happens to a fish when you can't get a hook out of it's mouth? See the research that shows you the truth about deeply hooked fish.
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The Best Catch and Release Techniques (Backed by Science)

Want to know the truth about catch and release fishing? Then you've got to see this post where we reveal proper fish releasing techniques...
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The Biggest Threats To Our Oceans & Fisheries (2018)

In this hard-hitting interview with Hunter Miller from Oceana, we discuss some of the biggest threats to our oceans and fisheries (that all fishermen must be aware of).
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Why Florida’s Estuaries Are Under Attack (And How To Fix It): Captains For Clean Water

Do you want to find out the truth behind all of the water mismanagement issues that seem to be plaguing Florida right now? Then check out this hard-hitting interview with Captains for Clean Water.
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The Truth About Brown Algae: Florida’s Brown Tide Invasion

Do you want to know the real reasons the water is brown on the east coast of Florida? Want to know some solutions to fix it? Then check this out.
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This Is The Scary Reason Why We Need More Oyster Bars In America

Did you know that many areas of Florida and surrounding states have lost up to 80% of their oyster reefs in the last 50 years? Check out the disturbing facts about the oyster populations in America.
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The Complete Guide to Catch, Photo, & Release Fishing

Do you want to see the top 5 ways that anglers are mishandling and accidently killing fish?Then check out this comprehensive catch and release guide.
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How Florida Anglers Steal Millions In Conservation Funds From The FWC.

Want to know how Florida anglers stole millions of dollars of conservation money from the Florida Wildlife & Conservation Association? Then check this out.
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How To Properly Catch & Release Fish (Without Killing Them)

Do you want to see all of the catch and release tips that the pros are using to make sure they give fish the absolute best chance for survival? Read this.
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