Common Rigging Mistake That’s Destroying Your Soft Plastic Lures


Don’t make this common rigging mistake that can destroy your soft plastic lures!!

Take a look!

Common Rigging Mistake [VIDEO]

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The common rigging mistake we see with soft plastic lures and weedless weighted hooks is sometimes anglers will bury the hook inside the plastic of the lure.

Now when a fish strikes that lure, the hook has to tear through all the plastic to expose itself and stick into the fish’s mouth.

Then you’ll have a hard time rigging it back up.

You must make sure the hook point comes out through the top of the lure.

This will let the lure slide down the shank of the hook instead of getting torn up.

To maintain weedless properties, you can barely skin-hook the hook point at the top of the lure.

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Do you have any other questions about rigging soft plastic lures on weedless presentations?

Has this ever happened to you?

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Lou Irwin
5 months ago

Excellent tip guys. Can’t say that I do this every time, but will start immediately. Y’all just keep this great info coming!

Danny LeBlanc
5 months ago

The video quick and to the point. Thanks Tony!

Thomas Utley
5 months ago

Thanks for the awesome tip Tony… I do all my soft plastics in this manner and over the years you figure a lot of these tips outs and many more …. Good video and great tip … Thanks …. !!

Carl Terhune
5 months ago

These tips really heip

Kit Coggburn
5 months ago

Awesome tip, thanks

Harvey Pepper
5 months ago

Super great video and an awesome way to save your baits! Thanks and Tight Lines

David Dunnam
5 months ago

Great tip. Thanks

Mark Yurchisin
5 months ago

Another thoughtful money saving tip from SS.

Wayne Buel
5 months ago

Thanks! Great tip

Mark Foster
5 months ago

Thanks for the awesome tips! 🤙🎣


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