The Best Tripletail Fishing Rigs To Use In Late Fall

What is the best setup to use for targeting tripletail?

Is there a specific bait or profile they are more willing to strike than others?

If you want to catch more tripletail this time of the year, then check out these tips from our fishing coaches!

Check out all you need to know as far as tripletail fishing rigs down below!

The Best Tripletail Fishing Rigs To Use In Late Fall

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Targeting Late Fall Tripletail

Buoys and crab trap setups are where most of the tripletail will sit and hold.

Ideally, you want to target tripletail with a Medium-Heavy Action inshore fishing rod.

You want a rod with a bit of extra backbone so you are able to pull the fish away from the buoy lines and chains.

Tripletail are a tough fish and can wrap you up in structure if you aren’t careful.

Crab trap buoys in excess of 20 feet of water will usually be attached to heavy-duty chains and strong material that could fray your leader line.

It is a smart idea to beef up your leader when fishing around these buoys that fish want to swim into after being hooked.

Casting distance is not so much a concern as the accuracy and stability of a rod.

As far as bait is concerned, either live shrimp or artificial lures will do the trick.

Select shrimp is a great live bait to use and induces strikes out underneath the crab trap buoys.

In terms of artificial lures to use, the Power Prawn or Power Prawn Jr. are absolute go-to lures for nearshore tripletail.

You can use your normal inshore fishing gear setup to target tripletail near crab trap buoys.

Nearshore tripletail prefer to strike the Power Prawn Jr. over the larger size and other shrimp lures.

Tripletail tend to strike lures when they begin to fall back to the bottom after you use the twitch-twitch-pause method.

It is best to stick to using shrimp profile lures and bait, but if that is not working the alternative is jerk baits.

Sometimes tripletail will hold so close to a buoy that you have to bump the lure into them just so they see it.

If that is the case, then a jerk bait like the Alabama Leprechaun will work to trigger strikes.

Tripletail are stubborn fish that won’t strike a lure until its right in front of their face.

The Best Tripletail Fishing Rigs To Use In Late Fall [VIDEO]

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Tripletail is a fun fish to sight cast for as well as one of the best-tasting fish in nearshore waters!

The best setup is a Medium-Heavy inshore fishing rod rigged with the irresistible Power Prawn Jr.

If you go tripletail fishing this time of the year, don’t forget the Power Prawn Jr. and the Alabama Leprechaun!!

Do you have any more questions on catching late fall tripletail?

Let us know down in the comments!

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Michael Quimuyog
2 years ago

Hey Luke I’m finding the Alabama leprechaun and the power prawn Jr are my go to baits lately, I’ve been leaning toward artificials more than live shrimp. Gonna have to try them on Trips now . Thanks guys. Fish On.

Gary Jarrett
2 years ago

What would be the best time of year to fish for Tripletail,inshore,in South Carolina? Are they in the SC waters during the winter months?


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